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#1 Bestselling Author

Facebook: @AskAmyH

Amy Hadikin is dynamic and passionate about living her best life. She loves helping others and is dedicated to improving quality of life for all.


After getting out of a non-serving relationship and life, Amy said yes to all her passions that were knocking at her door. Today, Amy finally lives her truest purpose by helping others to live their best life in the yoga studio and through vegan lifestyle coaching and meditation. Her focus is being a strong role model for Maya, her beautiful daughter, and to instill in her that she, along with everyone else in life, should not just survive but THRIVE.


Want to learn more? Join Amy on her Facebook page every Monday at 8:00 p.m. Pacific time for a FREE live broadcast. During these fifteen-minute sessions, she addresses the questions that people ask her on a regular basis, and provides constant motivation.

Women's Wellness:

Aging at Any Age with Moxie!

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Chapter Title: Just Say Yes!

“A candle does not need to burn out its flame in order to light another. In fact, it can light limitless candles.”

~Author Unknown


"Vigor, nerve, pluck.  spirit and courage.  Force of character.  Attitude."

Moxie is the secret sauce that juices things up.  It can be subtle or overt, but either way it lets you know who you are and allows you to live out loud with spirit and no regrets.

These authors have shared a diversity of gritty real-life stories from hormonal nightmares, devastating breakups, bullying, illness, accidents, depression and more, yet they have all chosen to move through adversity into triumph.

They now pilot planes, belly dance and burlesque, jump into marathons and onto their Harleys...and range from think to curvy, vegans to meat-eaters, moms to singles, bug business to retired, and from quiet to outrageous.

There is something to inspire every woman in this book .  Wherever you're at right now, these stories will inspire you to push the upper limits of your comfort zone and take the next step into a higher level of joy, wellness, purpose and passion.

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