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The Online WOW Book Club is Here  ...and it's FREE!

Connect. Collaborate. Celebrate.

Wednesdays from 12:15-12:45pm starting May 20th, 2020, until July 8, 2020.

(all meetings will be recorded)

What would you ask a #1 bestselling author, if you had the chance? Get up close and personal when you join us for the FREE online Bestseller Book Club held this Wednesday at 12:15pm PDT. Talk to our authors online, they want to meet you! 

This is your unique opportunity to have a voice, and ask questions as we go deeper with the authors.  July 8th you will have the opportunity to meet Trish Tansley from book 2 in the series "15 Empowered Entrepreneurs Share Success Stories with Soul".

Trish will share insights from her story entitled The Sweet Side of Depression.  Join us as she shares how she was able to overcome the roadblocks that were holding her back both in her health and business life and how she turned what she learned into her business. Her story encourages you to figure out what your passion is, find out who you are through that passion, declare what you want and watch the doors of your success open!

Note:  This will be the final book club meeting before we break for the summer. We will however be back in fall with a whole new line up of #1 Best Selling Authors from the WOW Collaborative Book Series.


Take 30 minutes to add inspiration and connection to your day.

See you online at lunch on Wednesday!

(Note: all meetings are recorded and posted in the private WOW Online Book Club for future viewing)

Alive. Audacious. Attitude!

More details on this book HERE.


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