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Empowering Stories of Life & Leadership



This book is raw and real, featuring deeply authentic stories from fifteen influential women who have moved through extraordinary challenges.  They now lead successful, empowered and joyful lives, and are courageously baring it all to show you how to truly take control.

If you have a dream or desire, and yearn to break free of your comfort zone, you will be wildly inspired and learn how to move past obstacles.  If you're challenged by health issues, you'll find out how others either healed or succeeded in spite of them.  If you feel trapped in a job you hate, you can discover freedom and a way out.

You are a WOW Woman of Worth and you are absolutely glorious!

"WOW packs a punch, and empowers women to remember who they really are and how deeply they matter."

Shelly Lynn Nellis - Publisher, Fresh Magazine

"WOW clearly demonstrates how collaboration is the most powerful place for women to lead from."

Lorna Vanderhaeghe - Found, Vanderhaeghe Health Solutions

And if you ever questioned your value and worth, you will learn how to quiet your mind and celebrate how fabulous and magnificent you are.  Every woman is a Woman Of Worth.  It's time to Get WOWed.


Successful women are rarely born that way. Almost every empowered CEO, manager, entrepreneur, and “motherpreneur” I’ve known has come from humble beginnings and, sometimes, almost unspeakable pain and suffering.




Christine Awram, Founder

From Worthless to
     Woman of Worth

“From teenage runaway to global leader, learn the specific strategies that moved her from futility to fulfillment.”

Chocolate is a vegetable, because it comes from a bean.” This is just one of many outrageous statements you’ll hear from Christine Awram (while wearing a pink tiara) as she encourages women to question any of their beliefs that limit an empowered, joyful, and successful life. 


She’s the founder of Woman Of Worth WOW Worldwide and is a dynamic speaker, author, visionary, and philanthropist. Christine radiates vitality with her indomitable spirit and humour. Yet her earlier years began as a teenage runaway who experienced addiction, illness and depression. She inspires others by sharing the specific strategies she used to move from futility to fulfillment, and how she transformed challenges into passion and purpose. 


Christine’s commitment to the empowered leadership of women resulted in her being honoured with the Outstanding Leadership Award by the Global Women’s Summit. She has personally inspired over 10,000 women through her WOW events, has published six #1 bestselling books in the past three years, and believes she is just getting warmed up.

The Connected Woman

"I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard and valued; when they can give and receive without judgement; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.”
----- Brene Brown

A dynamic speaker, author, and award-winning business development expert with a deep knowledge of the art of human connections, Cathy Kuzel is one connected woman! Cathy has been supporting ambitious entrepreneurs for more than thirty years and is increasingly sought after both nationally and internationally as an expert on “All Things Small Biz”.

Through her coaching practice, Cathy finds great fulfillment in helping others succeed. She guides her clients to build solid business foundations, and teaches entrepreneurs to “Stand Up & Stand Out”.

In addition to her own blog, Cathy is a contributing writer to a number of business publications and is the author of “Are You A Collector or a Connector?”, “I’m On The Phone!”, numerous “Tips & Techniques” booklets, and her internationally known “Daily Espressos® ” – all of which are perfect resources for business professionals.

Beyond the Mirror

“Beauty starts in your head, not in your mirror.”

DeeAnn Lensen is a European-trained, Advanced Aesthetic Educator, Spa Consultant, Certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner. A pioneer in pairing empowerment with spa treatments and spa staff education, DeeAnn’s multi-faceted strengths have empowered thousands. As co-host of The GoodLife Revolution Radio Show with Jesse Dylan, she is heard throughout North America on such prestigious stations as iHeart Radio and Radio America.

In addition to being a sought-after spa consultant, DeeAnn speaks regularly at sold-out Empowered Inside Out seminars and leads numerous coaching programs. DeeAnn is the president and CEO of Touché Esthetiqué, manufacturers of Touché Beauty. She also owns Advanced Spa Technologies, a five-star spa, consulting, education, and distribution company in Canada.  

The Power of Playfulness

“Play comes to us naturally as children but as we grow up, become adults, and take on responsibilities, we cast aside playfulness.  The way I see it, you can go to work, grow old, and die -- or you can choose to live a life of purpose, a life (and work) that includes meaning.  I believe in the Power of Playfulness.”

Denise Kelly is a catalyst with an innate ability to inspire others, helping them turn their own ideas into reality. She is an author, speaker and founder of TheBoomerVine, which is a global community of like-minded women looking to add purpose and playfulness into their life. Denise has over fifteen years working with award-winning brands as a business development consultant in sales and marketing. She brings a high level of integrity and a big heart to all she does.

A passion to increase awareness of playfulness and healthy living, her work has been featured across the media. Denise’s monthly column Boomer Talk appeared in print across British Columbia and her work has also been featured by NBC, CBC DocZone, 103.5 QM/FM, The Express on Shaw TV and AM 650.

She proudly wears #4 on the Stanley Cupcakes female hockey team she started over ten years ago, demonstrating that growing up does not mean you grow old and stop playing.

Redefining Success on my Own Terms

“Be yourself, everyone else is taken.”

Denise Wong has been working as a financial consultant for the last two years and has been a professional accountant for thirteen years, working in large multinational and private corporations. She is a passionate, strategic and quick-witted problem solver who excels in coaching business owners through the various phases of their business life cycles to achieve their goals.

Denise has completed certificate programs in Strategic Management and has a post-graduate diploma in organizational behavior and design. She hosts a series of workshops to coach small business owners through the different phases of business development.

After spending many years of chasing everyone else’s definition of success, Denise learned to take control of her own destiny and happiness by deciding for herself what being successful means. Today she uses her own experiences to help clients going through the same struggles she had, and supports them by teaching them to strategically build business plans that drive success on their own terms.

Toxic Lipstick

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

Estrellita Gonzalez is a business owner, author, speaker, and most importantly, mother. Her journey has included a career in senior management working in Canada and Asia.

Since 2002 she has been self-employed working as a consultant, and in 2012 she opened her first brick and mortar small business. Her venture was based on several personal values, one of which is health and wellness. Today she considers herself a Wellbeing Promoter, and as the Queen of Living Clean she shares her thoughts and ideas through writing, podcasting, speaking and workshops on ways to detoxify your life.


Estrellita lives in Vancouver with her teenage son and enjoys travel, reading, and having fun with family and friends.

From Grey to Technicolour

“He found the colors to paint her where the world had left her grey.”

Gillian is a dynamic speaker, teacher, workshop facilitator, therapist and coach. As a counselling professional she has worked with individuals and families for over twenty years in a variety of settings and countries. Gillian is committed to empowering her clients and the public by providing skills and information that will inspire them to live more fulfilling and effective lives. She has provided numerous workshops and educational forums to the general public as well as community organizations. She is constantly seeking to provide individuals and groups the most current and effective means by which they can live happy and authentic lives.

Gillian has been an active researcher, and the results of her research has endeavored to further some of the most effective trauma therapies that are available for individuals dealing with complex trauma and addiction. In more recent years, Gillian has also returned to her creative roots of writing, music and theatre. In the coming months she will be offering creative workshops to support women in uncovering their unique gifts and talents, and is excited to be developing therapeutic theatre programs for children and youth.

To contact Gillian and inquire about upcoming events she can be contacted though her website and on her Facebook Page: Gillian Drader and Associates.

The Spirit of the Village

“It doesn't take just one person to achieve your potential.  It takes a village and a community.”

Originally from Cameroon, Central Africa, Jacky Yenga grew up in Paris and now lives in Vancouver, BC. Her foundation for life was rooted in togetherness and collaboration, respect for nature, the elders and the ancestors. She experienced the trauma of disconnection when she was sent to the West to “live a better life”, and she faced a crisis in her understanding of what success in life was.

Reconciling the essence of both the western and African worlds and keeping the best of each has been her journey, commitment and contribution ever since. Now she is an inspiring speaker and an enthusiastic ambassador for the wisdom of Africa, which she shares around the world in various forms such as songs, dances and music, bringing the experience of The Spirit of the Village to her audience.

She is committed to helping you access joy through movement, rhythm and connection, and break the habit of living disconnected.

Just Jump

“Might as well jump.  Go ahead and jump.  You gotta roll with the punches, and get to what's real.”

A single mom to four amazing teens, Jennica stumbled upon the idea for her company, An Extra Set of Hands, while nannying for a family as she was trying to figure out what to do with her life. Putting her many years of experience raising kids and running a household to use in helping other moms find their sanity again in their own homes has proven to be one of the most unexpectedly rewarding and fulfilling endeavours she could have hoped to pursue.The company has grown to a staff of six over the last year as Jennica’s expertise and vast knowledge of how to help families has created an incredibly powerful niche service.

In addition to managing her company, Jennica devotes a portion of her time to teaching workshops and coaching women on weight loss through intuitive eating. She released her book “Easier Than You Think: weight loss through intuitive eating” in May of 2017.

Get Up, Don’t Give In

“I get knocked down, but I get up again.  You are never gonna keep me down.”

Jodi Takhar is a thoughtful, creative and empathetic family counsellor, addiction interventionist, group facilitator, author and speaker. With expert knowledge in the field of addictions, Jodi has guided hundreds of individuals and families from the desperation and isolation of addiction to the solution and healing power of connection.

Through her counselling practice, family and support groups, and work with treatment facilities, she helps them find a way to heal wounds, establish healthy connections, and restore relationships through education, mediation, counselling and coaching. With Jodi’s guidance, families learn how to change limiting and irrational beliefs to move forward as a healthy family system, supporting each other in their recovery both as individuals and as a family unit.

In addition to her blog, Jodi has also authored two books, “My Child Is An Addict – Overcome Addiction” and “Understand Your Partner’s Addictive Behaviour, Let Go and Find Peace” as well as several e-booklets for families who need direction and support. 

Looking for Love in All the
      Wrong Places

“Finding someone worth waking up to, is better than looking for someone to sleep with.”

Lise Lavigne is a self-esteem coach, author and motivational speaker. She works with women who want to gain more confidence and attract healthy relationships. Her passion is seeing the powerful transformation women make in their lives once they let go of their abusive past. She inspires and teaches women how to find peace and self-love.

Lise realized that women can take their power back and now she empowers others to do this as well. She is also the author of “Enough is Enough!” and recently launched an online program called Healthy Relationships Mastery. With her skills, love and compassion, Lise helps women restore their peace of mind and live victoriously.

Coming Back to my Body

“Your weirdness will make you stronger.  Your dark side will keep you whole.  Your vulnerability will connect you to the rest of our suffering world.  Your creativity will set you free.  There's nothing wrong with you.”

Rebecca is passionate about health and fitness and has worked as a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor for the past sixteen years. She is grateful to have inspired clients from age fifteen to eighty-five to improve their health, and she has also specialized in pre and post-natal fitness.

In a former life, Rebecca was an actor. Receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Victoria, she earned small roles in such productions as The X-Files, Dead Like Me and Atomic Train.  Rebecca also worked in live theatre in Vancouver as well as out of town, and wrote and performed her own one-woman shows.  Rebecca’s touching film script has attracted attention from three different production companies and she is excited to make that her next big project!

Rebecca is most proud of her creative children, Ben and Olivia, and her talented husband, Dr. Nicholas Harrison. They live in Tsawwassen with the best cat in the world, Ruby.

The Power of an Unstoppable Woman

“She was unstoppable.  Not because she didn't have failures or doubts, but because she carried on despite them.”

Dr. Rose Backman works with her self-developed “Backman Emotional Technique©” and other modalities to identify core issues and teach strength, faith, love, hope and power over your life. Her methods have helped thousands with issues related to addiction, depression, stress, weight, relationships and finances, and focuses on assisting woman with “The Power of Unstoppable Woman©”.

Dr. Rose has been featured on radio shows worldwide and organizes regular events across Canada. She holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Nutrition and is certified in Contact Relflex Analysis, Nutrition Response Testing, and Emotional Polarity Technique. She is trained in the Morphagenic™ technique from Doctor Frank Springob, and has also received further training in cellular healing which allowed her to develop her specialized “Backman Emotional Technique©”, which she believes is the missing link to a more immediate and effective healing.

Dr. Backman made it her mission to overcome her own tragedy and help others to focus on becoming the best they can be. If you’re struggling with your own issues, a session with Dr. Rose will set you on the right path.

Your Passion is in You

“You have to accommodate your pasts within your persona...It helps you reflect on what you are now.”

With an ever-present positive attitude, Sarah contributes to a variety of organizations that fulfill different aspects of her personality and lifestyle. Participating and volunteering with a number of art societies, taking leadership roles in local empowering business networks, and holding space in a support group for parents of children with mental health challenges, she leads an authentic passion-filled life.

Sarah continually works to foster community spirit and create a culturally rich environment in the Lower Mainland, BC. As a writer, artist, speaker and musician there are countless opportunities to invite Sarah to participate in your community events.

As the co-owner of a community craft center and handmade consignment shop, it is her privilege to represent nearly fifty local makers. Bridging the common disconnect between artistry and business management, Sarah assists artists to find their customers and help geeky shoppers find exactly the right item. 

Sarah’s lifelong passion for the written word began when she was first published at the age of nine. She is currently working on her first non-fiction book which explores the relationship between gratitude, “good things” and happiness; look for this publication in Spring of 2018.

Corporate Suffocation to Entrepreneurship

“I am suffocating and lost, when I have not the bright feeling of progression.”

Stephanie Taylor is the owner of Evevo Properties, which focuses on creating wealth for their investor partners through carefully selected investment properties. Stephanie targets cash-flowing properties with add-value potential in British Columbia. Her support team of professionals all specialize in real estate and provide invaluable service and expertise.

Stephanie has a Bachelor of Science in Health Care, but after spending fifteen years in the “rat race” as a Clinical Trials Consultant and Medical Device Specialist she was in search of a way to build wealth while being able to raise and enjoy her two children.

You can visit to take advantage of her free 20-minute call to learn how to grow your real estate portfolio.

In the Blink of an Eye

“In the blink of an eye, something happens by chance - when you least expect it - sets you on a course you never planned, into a future you never imagined.”

Tina Olexa is a Financial Advisor with a focus on Disability and Life Insurance, a Workshop Facilitator, and the Founder and President of Your Backup Plan. She has a strong and passionate understanding for creating an effective organization of all your important documentation that may be needed in an unexpected tragedy. She has experienced a wide range of occupations including Realtor, Microsoft Engineer and Legal Secretary, but has ultimately found that helping people in times of need was what she wanted to focus on.

Currently located in the Lower Mainland, Tina lives with her husband and is readily involved in the softball community. Through the years, Tina committed her time to being a softball mom of two girls while also being the mom to four fur babies. During this time of balancing work life and softball life, Tina spent five years writing Your Backup Plan and an additional two years developing the app for Your Backup Plan. By keeping the app up to date with the newest and most unique systems available to self-manage your family affairs, Tina knows that everyone can benefit from her vision.

Take a visit to where you can download “10 Tips to Your Backup Plan”.

You can also find the app on Google Play and the Apple Store.

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