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WOW Awakened Leadership Retreat

Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.

~John Maxwell

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

The WOW Awakened Leadership Retreat

Authenticity. Vulnerability. PURPOSE.


WOW is excited to announce a new partnership with Clearmind (Catherine O'Kane) and WOW A Woman of Worth to bring you their amazing Leadership workshop.

Join us on November 19 (8am) - November 21 (5:30pm), 2019


It's going to be life changing!

This workshop is an invitation to redefine yourself as a leader in every aspect of your life. It is the opportunity to enter into a deeper level of authentic leadership to help you and your workplace thrive. 

People in leadership positions face the daily dilemma of being a good role model while grappling with their own doubts and fears. This can often lead to feelings of isolation or disconnection which end up impacting the quality of leadership, and eventually overall productivity. This workshop is designed to be a safe place for leaders to work through those vulnerabilities and fears in connection with other leaders. 

The leaders who inspire us the most are the ones that have faced similar fears to our own and still go on to accomplish great things. This experiential workshop is an empowering way to address the leadership dilemma and develop tools to improve the dynamics of your workplace. 


WOW Leadership is a three day workshop starting in the morning on the first day and ending in the evening of the third day. 

All materials will be provided at the workshop. 

What Will I Discover? 

Authenticity, vulnerability, and purpose. You will leave the workshop with an intimate understanding of what authentic leadership looks like and the tools to put it into practice in your workplace.


What Can I Expect? 

Genuine, integrated change requires targeting thinking, feeling, and doing, which we achieve through a balance between experience and understanding. 

This workshop is a safe, powerful and life-shifting adventure that promotes openness, expression, compassion, and learning. no prerequisites are required other than being a leader in some capacity and coming to the workshop with willingness and openness. 

The workshop is taught by two qualified facilitators and is supported by trained assistants (we lead the industry in our ratio of assistants to number of participants). The team is dedicated to providing you a safe, non- confrontational professionally delivered workshop experience that prides itself on respecting the speed of which each participant decides to proceed. 

We ensure a therapeutically responsible and professional approach to the delivery. In Canada, our facilitators are educated and registered with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors, and/ or the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists, and/or the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association. International Facilitators are similarly educated and trained in their respective jurisdictions. 

Workshop assistants, who work under the direction of the facilitators, receive in-house training in responsible, ethical delivery of service. We adhere to our own Code of Ethics, as well as those of our associations. 


Food and Accommodations 

We are located near Vancouver at the Springbrooke Retreat Centre which is a beautiful, 16-acre property in Langley with forest trails, meadows, an organic garden and orchard, salmon spawning river, swimming pool, sauna and hot tub. 

This property is set up to be friendly to its environment and also to embrace its own natural beauty and history of the land itself. Our rooms are comfortable shared accommodation. 

You will be provided wholesome meals and snacks and the cooking staff can accommodate vegetarian options. For more specific food requirements please discuss on registration to determine if we can meet your needs. 


FEE: The cost of the workshop is normally $1097 plus tax.  The 1 time special offer of $747 plus tax is only available for this date as as our private launch event.  This includes the tuition, food, and accommodation. A receipt will be e-mailed to you after your final payment. 

DEPOSIT: A non-refundable, non-transferable deposit of $150 is required to secure your spot. Balance is due prior to the start of the workshop. Methods of payment include: Cash, Cheque, VISA, or MasterCard. 


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