Become a Bestselling Author

If you have a dream to become an author and don't know where to start, you've come to the right place.   With our proven #1 Bestselling System you could be published in just a few months!
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Have you ever thought of writing a book? Maybe it’s a secret ambition. Perhaps you have a calling to share your story and leverage your business. Or you simply have a burning desire to inspire and empower others. 

And if you’re an entrepreneur or speaker, you also know that being a #1 bestselling author is a powerful business tool. It establishes your immediate credibility as a leading expert in your field. 

The idea excites you, inspires you, scares you! And then the mind chatter begins. Who am I to write a book, you ask yourself? I’m not really that qualified. I don’t have time. And the expense! No way. I’m not even a great writer. Maybe I’ll do it next year. Or after the kids move out. When I retire. Or never. Back it goes on the back burner. Another unfulfilled dream. 

STOP. It’s time for your dream to become a reality. 

You can build on the powerful WOW branding and Influence Publishing system, and by working together we create a collaborative collection of real-life stories that inspire and empower. Our previous seven books became #1 bestsellers in multiple categories, and in just over three months you could be holding your hot-off-the-press bestseller in your hands. It’s time to tell your story and do this. If not now, when? 

Why collaborate with us? 

● Overwhelm is eliminated. You’re supported, and everything is included. 

● Expenses are shared. It’s a fraction of the cost of doing it alone. 

● Professional Training. A full-day workshop with the publisher is included to create your outline, title, and a proven formula to write your chapter fast. 

● Shared marketing. The strategy is brilliant, with templates for everything. 

● Your own personalized custom webpage with eCommerce is included.

● The WOW community is significant, with thousands of opt-in followers. 

● All authors are joined in a common purpose (together we’re stronger). 

Our books are professionally co-produced and co-published by WOW Woman Of Worth (who have taken all collaborative books to #1 bestseller status) and Influence Publishing Inc. (who have taken well over 100 individual authors to #1 bestseller status). We have a powerful, simple and successful track record. 

How it works: 

● What would I write about? 

Everyone has a story and now is the time to share your passion, highlight your credibility and knowledge, and allow your business to be seen in a new and empowering light.  People buy products and services from people that they love and trust, and what better way to let people know who you are than to share your journey to your wisdom in a bestselling book?  Each chapter will include 3 Top Action Steps at the end, which relate to the story you just told. This will provide added value and benefit to the reader. You will receive coaching from the outset on the best way to focus your story. You don’t need to worry about grammar and spelling, because each author receives three hours from a professional editor to take care of all that. You want to have some basic writing skills, but the important part is to just tell your story.


● What is the purpose of  the WOW Book Series? 

All our WOW books are about women empowering women to thrive, lead and succeed.

  • A diverse selection of author categories – working or teaching from home, coaching, retail, hospitality, events, networking, health, money and more. Our world is dramatically evolving, and we need to help others evolve right along with it. There has never been a better time to share creative solutions.


  • A great opportunity to help - demonstrate to other women your evolution of growing digitally and virtually.

  • A win/win - authors spotlight their business in the bio, and the readers get ideas how to evolve their own business with the potential to do business with you.

  • A showcase - if you’ve been successful with blogs, podcasts, webinars, forums, online network marketing or other online platforms, this book is a perfect opportunity to bring your passion more fully alive to others.

  • A foundation for empowerment – your story promotes a positive mindset when things get challenging and the world changes, which is a role model for creativity and evolution.

The intention is to be raw and real, not airbrushed.  The book will be “relatable”, which means it will profoundly impact and inspire others ... because it’s REAL.

● BONUS 1: Live Book Launch Event (dependent on government mandates for gathering)

This is rarely included with a book contract. The founder of WOW has produced sold out events for 15 years, and includes a live book launch event to celebrate the release of your bestselling book. Having an event professionally produced is valued at a minimum of $5,000 and is included in your contract absolutely FREE. 

● BONUS 2: Free Books

You will receive 10 Complimentary books (value $21.95 CDN each), to gift or sell any way you desire, absolutely FREE.

Additional copies will always remain available to you at the wholesale price. Wholesale prices will be determined by factors like final number of pages and will be calculated on completion of manuscript … but the wholesale cost (including shipping and handling) will be approximately $10/each. The book retails for $21.95. When you sell your book direct (from your own website, on social media, at events, tradeshows, speaking engagements, etc), all the profits go entirely to you.

● BONUS 3: Your Own Personalized Author Webpage 

This is never included with a book contract. But WOW always goes above and beyond, and you will have a professional web page with shopping cart to make sales of your book easy and streamlined.  

● BONUS 4: WOW TV and WOW Events

WOW has an online platform called WOW TV, featuring interviews with our published authors.  This is a community service that is free to attend, and they are also recorded and posted on our private Facebook group page for WOW TV. 

In addition, we host ongoing events, interviews and seminars (evolving from live to online), which creates opportunities for those who are qualified to be featured onstage or online or both.  We take every opportunity to continue our relationship with you and provide added value, because our authors become part of our family.

● What other benefits do I receive from being a bestselling author? 

Besides selling the book, there’s a far more significant purpose in being a published author. It provides you with instant credibility, and establishes you as an expert in your field of business. Your book can be used strategically and powerfully to market your business and build relationships. The media loves a bestselling author. It’s an instant calling card. 

● What is the cost? 

More information on our affordable pricing will be sent to you via email.

If you would like more information about becoming a bestselling author with us, please send an email immediately requesting the information package and application.

Book 10 is accepting author applications until December 18, 2021, for "I Am A Woman Of Worth:  Stories of Resilience, Courage and Authentic Leadership."