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Women Wine Wellness

Hosted by Christine Awram, Founder
Sunday, September 24th, 2 - 4:30 pm

Energize. Uplift. Inspire.

Rhythm has been used for thousands of years to create a healthy community ... along with physical, mental and spiritual health. Everybody can drum, no experience necessary. Drums provided. 


Add some fabulous wine with your tribe of empowered WOW women and you have the recipe for a powerful gathering of meaningful connection and celebration!


Advance registration is a MUST, as space is limited in the private home of WOW Founder Christine Awram in East Abbotsford. We will fill up quickly, so please register right now.

Address and further details will be provided upon registration.


"Drum circles aren't about technique.
They're about empowerment, and inspiring your spirit to play."


Just a few of the benefits from drumming:


* Reduces Tension, Anxiety and Stress

* Helps Control Chronic Pain

* Boosts the Immune System

* Produces Deeper Self-Awareness

* Accesses and Balances Brain Activity

* Places you in the Present Moment
* Uplifts your soul with joy!


Facilitated by Drum Master Rhonda McCallum Bruce, who has been impacting the wellness of others for over 30 years. Her mission is to bring people together as a community and facilitate everyone's healthier body, mind and spirit.


Secure your spot by clicking the pink button below right now. We want to connect and celebrate with you!

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