• So What Exactly is WOW?

    WOW is a place where empowered women join together to make meaningful connections, collaborate to make dreams come true, and to celebrate their fabulousness. If you're looking for a place where you can belong, with a group of women who will stand beside you and build you up, then WOW is the place for you. The women who are attracted to WOW are the movers and shakers of the world. They are those who want to make a difference; those who believe in the strength of a community, and those who are wanting and willing to support others, both personally and professionally. If that sounds like you, we think you should take advantage of one of our opportunities and see what all the fuss is about.

  • Our Why

    WOW was born from a desire to profoundly impact and celebrate the spirit, success, equality and empowered leadership of all women. It is a place where women feel valued, encouraged and inspired to be the best version of themselves. We believe there is tremendous strength in having a tribe of empowered women who support and celebrate one another. 

  • Your Opportunity

    WOW offers women an opportunity to come together and connect, collaborate and celebrate in various ways. Whether you choose to attend our annual conference at the spa resort, join us in our WOW book series, nominate someone for an esteemed Woman Of Worth Award, or be part of one of our empowering and impactful WOW training programs, you'll find an opportunity to meet other incredible women and propel yourself to new heights. 

    Plus, there's always chocolate. Always.

  • Philanthropy

    WOW also supports the education, emancipation, equality and empowerment of girls globally, by rescuing them from slavery and educating them (and their families) for sustainable change. Today there are over 2.5 million girls still being sold into sexual slavery each year. Locally, WOW supports Women Of Value which empowers women suffering from PTSD as a result of abuse. Our WOW worldwide sisters need our help to reclaim their rightful place as Women Of Worth! 

    WOW Community Giving

WOW Credo

My worthiness is inherent, infinite and persevering —
it is my natural state

My value is a reflection of who I AM —
and I am magnificent

And… who I am always makes a difference —
because I MATTER

I am successful —
because I come from my true power which lies within

I am empowered — 
making choices from the clarity of my heart, mind and spirit

I am an empowered leader —
as I impact others from quiet acts of kindness to leading a nation

I am abundant —
as I manifest success from the core of my values and vision

I cherish my relationships — 
they are part of what makes me strong

I am a Human BEing — 
as my BEing is of far more significance than my DOing

I play, laugh, and bring beauty and light into the world —

At times I despair and I weep,
when I feel the pain of a world that has momentarily gone mad

Yet even when I tremble through a dark night of the soul,
I renew my faith and my courage in a single heartbeat —
because my spirit is indomitable

I FEEL and I CARE and I am passionately ALIVE — 
with a heart as open as the universe



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