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Facebook: Denise Mai - Realtor

Twitter: @DeniseMaiRemax

Instagram:  @denisemai_realestate

LinkedIn: Denise Mai

Denise Mai – a TEDx speaker, investor, and entrepreneur – is now on a mission to inspire others and leave a positive impact in their lives. From being raised in a poor immigrant family to self-made millionaire, she has turned her struggles into her greatest strengths. In her TEDx talk “How to build resilience as your superpower,” she reveals that your circumstances do not dictate your future.


Denise holds a BBA in Communications from Simon Fraser University. She has worked with two Fortune 500 companies, Accenture and Johnson & Johnson, before becoming an award-winning top 1% realtor in Vancouver. She has been in real estate since 2010 and shares her knowledge with her clients to help them achieve their real estate goals and dreams. Today she owns multiple investment properties, and her passion for personal growth is leading her to create her own coaching company.


One of the values that Denise prides herself on is giving back to the community. One example of her community commitment is her participation in the Canadian Blood Services as a regular blood donator. In addition, Denise is the top donator to Children’s Miracle Network in her office and has made significant donations to the Union Gospel Mission.

Women in Business in a
Changing World




Chapter Title: Relentless Resilience

“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go, they merely determine where you start.”

— Nido Qubein


Our world is constantly in flux, and one of the biggest secrets for success is learning how to welcome change rather than resist it.

The authors of this book understand the challenges we all face when change comes knocking on the door, with its insistence on interrupting the status quo, but they’ve also experienced the powerful creativity and growth that comes from leaning into it. Their courageous stories demonstrate so many ways to overcome obstacles and opposition, and by seeing them succeed despite incredible odds you will be inspired to become unstoppable in your own right.

“The way the world is changing it’s not just about ‘what can I do’ – it’s about what ‘we’ can do together to be bigger, better, stronger. The women of today are ready to share their voices in new and inventive ways. I invite you to share your voice the way the authors are sharing theirs in this extraordinary book.”

Shelly Lynn Hughes – Publisher, Fresh Magazine

With an accelerated timetable of transformation now before us, it has never been more imperative to embrace your opportunities to evolve, succeed and thrive. It’s a new day, and change has never felt so good!

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