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A single mom to four amazing teens, Jennica stumbled upon the idea for her company, An Extra Set of Hands, while nannying for a family as she was trying to figure out what to do with her life. Putting her many years of experience raising kids and running a household to use in helping other moms find their sanity again in their own homes has proven to be one of the most unexpectedly rewarding and fulfilling endeavours she could have hoped to pursue.The company has grown to a staff of six over the last year as Jennica’s expertise and vast knowledge of how to help families has created an incredibly powerful niche service.

In addition to managing her company, Jennica devotes a portion of her time to teaching workshops and coaching women on weight loss through intuitive eating. She released her book “Easier Than You Think: weight loss through intuitive eating” in May of 2017.

15 Influential Women Share Empowering Stories of Life & Leadership

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Chapter Title: Just Jump

"Might as well jump.  Go ahead and jump.  You gotta roll with the punches, and get to what's real."

Van Halen

This book is raw and real, featuring deeply authentic stories from fifteen influential women who have moved through extraordinary challenges.  They now lead successful, empowered and joyful lives, and are courageously baring it all to show you how to truly take control.

If you have a dream or desire, and yearn to break free of your comfort zone, you will be wildly inspired and learn how to move past obstacles.  If you're challenged by health issues, you'll find out how others either healed or succeeded in spite of them.  If you feel trapped in a job you hate, you can discover freedom and a way out.

"WOW packs a punch, and empowers women to remember who they really are and how deeply they matter."

Shelly Lynn Nellis - Publisher, Fresh Magazine

"WOW clearly demonstrates how collaboration is the most powerful place for women to lead from."

Lorna Vanderhaeghe - Founder, Vanderhaeghe Health Solutions

And if you have ever questioned your value and worth, you will learn how to quiet your mind and celebrate how fabulous and magnificent you are.  You are a Woman Of Worth and you are absolutely glorious.  It's time to Get WOWed! 

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