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15 Empowered Entrepreneurs Share Success Stories with Soul

Chapter Title:

Invest In Your Birthright of Life

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“Wake up all the desire and pleasure that your body is capable of experiencing, let your past go, and follow your bliss just for the health of it.”

Dr. Christiane Northrup

Karen’s experiences of tuning in to her physical sensations became a resource of information for her evolution. A level of communication with herself and others developed because she began listening to her body to help her understand who she is and what’s important to her!

Karen’s curiosity about the human body drives her passion. Having worked with clients individually and in workshops for over twenty years, she helps people develop their self-help skills in order to attend to their body and find the practitioners they need to support their well-being.

She has learned it’s possible to open the door to healing from the inside out. She recognizes the benefits of investing in herself and embraces the magic and mystery of living fulfilled in the life that she has been gifted with.

Karen was Pilates Certified in 1995 and over the years taken classes in many modalities of self-care. She combines these with skills learned in Osteopathic studies in her private practice. She continues to expand her circle of influence to include workshops and speaking engagements where she teaches you how to resource the information your body offers to you, realize what’s important to you, understand what you value, and communicate this to the world.

Karen wants to embolden you to learn about your body, educate you about how to make choices to care for your body, and inspire you to take action and invest in your birthright of physical, emotional, and nutritional health and well-being.

15 Empowered Entrepreneurs Share Success Stories with Soul


Do you ever observe successful women, and believe you can never do what they've done?  You might think, "I'm not as smart or qualified, I don't have the time or money, they've had more advantages."

Every woman in this book deeply understands challenge, and some have experienced almost unspeakable pain and hardship.  The common thread that runs through all their stories is a decision to learn, heal, and collaborate with others to successfully move forward.  They are sharing their real and relatable stories so you can see how it's possible to live your own dream.

"Hell Yes!  You can absolutely be a s successful entrepreneur who's on purpose, passionate, powerful and profitable.  WOW is an empowerment rockstar and guides the way."

Isabelle Mercier - CEO of LeapZone Strategies and Host of Leap TV

"This book clearly demonstrates that combining business with a passionate heart and soul is a powerful testament to success and the empowered leadership of women."

Candace Newton Chaput - Founder, Unlocking Secrets For Women

Great women empower other women to be great, and behind every successful woman is a tribe of other women who have her back.  You are a Woman Of Worth and you are absolutely glorious. It's time to Get WOWed!

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