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#1 Bestselling Author

Kathy lives with her husband in Langley, BC. She has a mantra to enjoy life to its fullest and does not let anything stop her, taking the ups and downs and using them as learning experiences while always remembering, “You have been through this before, and you will get through it this time.”

One of the things Kathy loves most is animals. Currently, she has three furry friends – two cats and one dog. She has trained dogs for a variety of sports, and it brings her great joy to see her rescue dog blossom despite her previous life. She volunteers for the Langley Animal Protection Society (LAPS) and will do anything to help an animal.

Kathy is an avid gardener, spending hours in her yard, and she loves the feeling of serenity she finds in sitting on her deck and enjoying her efforts. She goes home to Saskatchewan each summer – she avoids winter trips for obvious reasons – in order to visit her brother and her ninety-four-year-old mother, who always tells Kathy she is proud of her. She is Kathy’s best friend and is always there to listen and be supportive.

Emotional Intelligence:

Mental Health Matters



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Chapter Title:
The Importance of Support

“Having waited my entire life to get an award for something, I now get awards all the time for being mentally ill… I’m apparently very good at it.”   

~Carrie Fisher

The time has come for this groundbreaking book on Emotional Intelligence to arrive.  It challenges the status quo, and breaks the stigma that surrounds mental health.

You will step into a personal conversation with these 15 courageous authors who have uncovered their souls to give you hope.  Their stories may break your heart and steal the very breath from your lungs, but they will also inspire you to see that triumph over adversity is always possible.

"When it comes to business, relationships, and being truly happy, emotional intelligence is the secret sauce to everything that matters.  This book is a game-changer and inside these pages are invitations to witness what ‘doing the work’ looks like. May they inspire you to do the same."

~Beth Hanishewski - Master Coach. International Speaker. Igniter. 

The resilience of the human spirit shines throughout this book. Whether it’s grief, loss, depression, anxiety, illness, abuse, or any stressor affecting you or someone you love, these stories will take you by the hand and show you how to not just survive, but thrive.  You are not alone.

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