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Facebook: Kellie Wesley

Instagram: @kelliewesley

Kellie Wesley is an interior designer, artist, and writer who currently lives in beautiful Penticton, BC. She has a passion for anything creative, whether it be arranging flowers, entertaining friends and family, setting a beautiful table, painting, or decorating. She is also a nurturer who maintains a positive outlook no matter what life throws her way, and she recently became a Reiki Level 2 practitioner.


In addition to fundraising for cancer research, ALS, mental health, and animal rescue organizations, Kellie is active in fundraising for the Kidney Foundation and donated her kidney to her friend’s husband in 2013. She also received the Courage Award from the South Okanagan Women in Need Society that same year.


Hiking the beautiful trails in the Okanagan with her golden retriever, Kate, is a favourite past time for Kellie. She also enjoys skiing, snowshoeing, biking, yoga, dancing, listening to music, and reading. In addition, she was one of the Honky Tonk Angels for SoCountry Radio, with Dennis Walker as a co-host.


Kellie has two sons, Matthew and Sean, and three bonus sons, Aaron, Trevor and Travis as well as five grandchildren.

Women in Business in a
Changing World

Chapter Title:
Restart, Pivot, Reset: Finding Home Again

“Perhaps that is where our choice lies – in determining how we will meet the inevitable end of things, and how we will greet each new beginning.”

— Elena K. Arnold




Our world is constantly in flux, and one of the biggest secrets for success is learning how to welcome change rather than resist it.

The authors of this book understand the challenges we all face when change comes knocking on the door, with its insistence on interrupting the status quo, but they’ve also experienced the powerful creativity and growth that comes from leaning into it. Their courageous stories demonstrate so many ways to overcome obstacles and opposition, and by seeing them succeed despite incredible odds you will be inspired to become unstoppable in your own right.

“The way the world is changing it’s not just about ‘what can I do’ – it’s about what ‘we’ can do together to be bigger, better, stronger. The women of today are ready to share their voices in new and inventive ways. I invite you to share your voice the way the authors are sharing theirs in this extraordinary book.”

Shelly Lynn Hughes – Publisher, Fresh Magazine

With an accelerated timetable of transformation now before us, it has never been more imperative to embrace your opportunities to evolve, succeed and thrive. It’s a new day, and change has never felt so good!

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