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Lee-Ann Davenport – owner, visionary, serial entrepreneur, and now author and speaker – currently operates two companies in separate industries.

LA Home Staging Painting + Design was developed in 2011 when Lee-Ann decided to pursue a dream job in the field of interior design as a home stager and by also entering the market as an interior painter. Lee-Ann’s attention to detail and an “eye for design” is what makes her stand out. Her success as a stager, interior stylist, colour consultant, and painter is built from a reputation that exceeds client expectations.

LA Lifestyles was originally a personal fitness training business which Lee-Ann started in 1989 as she pioneered through an unknown career at the time. She has just recently re branded and is transitioning her company to specialize in teaching Somatic Yoga along with private training for people who live with pain and other health ailments. Her approach to health and wellness is backed by thirty-five years of experience in the health and fitness industry and has renewed her passion for teaching people who value having an active lifestyle, a strong body and mind, and living well in balance and harmony.

New to her repertoire of becoming an author and speaker, Lee-Ann is an advocate on ADHD, pain management, and somatics. She believes it is vitally important to inform, educate, and empower women, and has made it her mission to teach people how to advocate for themselves and be experts on their own minds and bodies. We are unique individuals who can make a difference in achieving the ultimate goal in life: happiness!

15 Empowered Entrepreneurs Share Success Stories with Soul

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Book 2 Group Photo.jpg

Chapter Title: The Genius of ADHD

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than to be boring.”


Do you ever observe successful women, and believe you can never do what they've done?  You might think, "I'm not as smart or qualified, I don't have the time or money, they've had more advantages."

Every woman in this book deeply understands challenge, and some have experienced almost unspeakable pain and hardship.  The common thread that runs through all their stories is a decision to learn, heal, and collaborate with others to successfully move forward.  They are sharing their real and relatable stories so you can see how it's possible to live your own dream.

"Hell Yes!  You can absolutely be a s successful entrepreneur who's on purpose, passionate, powerful and profitable.  WOW is an empowerment rockstar and guides the way."

Isabelle Mercier - CEO of LeapZone Strategies and Host of Leap TV

"This book clearly demonstrates that combining business with a passionate heart and soul is a powerful testament to success and the empowered leadership of women."

Candace Newton Chaput - Founder, Unlocking Secrets For Women

Great women empower other women to be great, and behind every successful woman is a tribe of other women who have her back.  You are a Woman Of Worth and you are absolutely glorious. It's time to Get WOWed!

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