Marlies White

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Women's Wellness:

Aging at Any Age with Moxie!

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Live Young as Old as Possible!

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“It’s not how well you’ve lived that really matters, but how many lives have lived well because you lived!” 

~Rajesh Murthy

Marlies White was inspired to start her business, SomaLife, in response to the loss of a close relative. Working with her husband, Dr. Philip White MD, the pair created a series of products directed at promoting better health for others.


SomaLife is an Okanagan-based health, wellness, nutrition, and age management company that develops, manufactures, and markets its proprietary line of one-of-a-kind products locally, nationally, and internationally. Now with over two decades of experience under her belt, Marlies leads her company to grow with the vision of changing more lives with natural health and wellness products.


Marlies is active in her community, especially with the local food bank and the Kelowna SPCA. The company’s SomaPet supplement was specifically created because of her love of animals.


Marlies lives by her personal motto of “You do what needs to be done, whatever it takes, helping as many people as possible along the journey.” Knowing how important her company is, she looks forward to fulfilling her husband’s legacy in the coming years. 


Women's Wellness:

Aging at Any Age with Moxie!


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"Vigor, nerve, pluck.  spirit and courage.  Force of character.  Attitude."

Moxie is the secret sauce that juices things up.  It can be subtle or overt, but either way it lets you know who you are and allows you to live out loud with spirit and no regrets.

These authors have shared a diversity of gritty real-life stories from hormonal nightmares, devastating breakups, bullying, illness, accidents, depression and more, yet they have all chosen to move through adversity into triumph.

They now pilot planes, belly dance and burlesque, jump into marathons and onto their Harleys...and range from think to curvy, vegans to meat-eaters, moms to singles, bug business to retired, and from quiet to outrageous.

There is something to inspire every woman in this book .  Wherever you're at right now, these stories will inspire you to push the upper limits of your comfort zone and take the next step into a higher level of joy, wellness, purpose and passion.