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#1 Bestselling Author

Paulena is a twenty-five-year veteran police officer whose career has spanned uniform patrol, the child abuse and sexual offences unit, and organized crime investigations to name a few.


She is the youngest of three children born to immigrant parents who are both successful entrepreneurs, and was born and raised in the town of Squamish near Whistler, British Columbia. She currently resides with her husband in South Surrey, BC, where she runs her jewelry brand Bullets N Beads. 

16 Women Who Are Thriving
Through Turbulent Times

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Chapter Title: The Circle of Life

“Life is a gift. Wake up every day and realize that.” 

~Author Unknown

Thrive: “To advance, grow, develop and flourish.”


Our world is dramatically changing, and we are being invited to evolve right along with it.


In the midst of overwhelming challenges, including isolation and business closures, you will find many unsung heroes who are living rather quietly but with meaning and purpose. In this deeply stirring book you’ll take a walk into the lives of 16 women who refuse to be ruled by fear, and have stepped into exploring new ways to work and live with curiosity and courage.


From Canada to the United States and from Guatemala to Hong Kong, you will meet these remarkably authentic women who have shared their stories about how they adapted to change.  Besides being inspired, you will also take away their practical tips and ideas to bring into your own life.


There is something for everyone, as these stories clearly demonstrate how the resilience of the human spirit can shine in the most turbulent of times.  You have been invited into the personal lives of these courageous women who are inherently just like you, and you’ll see exactly how it's possible to not just survive but thrive.

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