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Sam van Born

#1 Bestselling Author

Sam van Born was born and raised in North Vancouver, BC where she lives with her almost twelve-year old daughter. She wasn’t sure
exactly what she wanted to do in life until she had a conversation with her friend’s dad who was a captain in the fire service. Inspired
to find out more about this amazing career, she soon moved out to Lions Bay to join the volunteer fire department. A year later she got into a firefighting school in Alberta, and eleven weeks after that she was certified. She was then hired by the North Vancouver City Fire Department, and now, almost twenty-one years later, she has worked her way through the ranks to become a full-time captain.

Sam is also actively promoting health and wellness through her home-based business with Alovéa, which was founded by two international not-for-profit organizations. This company provides sustainable solutions to the world’s most challenging health concerns in the form of nutraceutical products that focus on strengthening people’s immune systems, antioxidants, inflammation, hormone support, along with an award-winning Hemp/CBD Oil. With the company expanding globally, she’ll be busy helping a lot of people around the world.

Emotional Intelligence:

Mental Health Matters



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Chapter Title: 
Broken and Alone – the Silence of Abuse

“Change your life, change the world.TM”

~Trademark is owned by Evolv Health, LLC used with permission

The time has come for this groundbreaking book on Emotional Intelligence to arrive.  It challenges the status quo, and breaks the stigma that surrounds mental health.

You will step into a personal conversation with these 15 courageous authors who have uncovered their souls to give you hope.  Their stories may break your heart and steal the very breath from your lungs, but they will also inspire you to see that triumph over adversity is always possible.

"When it comes to business, relationships, and being truly happy, emotional intelligence is the secret sauce to everything that matters.  This book is a game-changer and inside these pages are invitations to witness what ‘doing the work’ looks like. May they inspire you to do the same."

~Beth Hanishewski - Master Coach. International Speaker. Igniter. 

The resilience of the human spirit shines throughout this book. Whether it’s grief, loss, depression, anxiety, illness, abuse, or any stressor affecting you or someone you love, these stories will take you by the hand and show you how to not just survive, but thrive.  You are not alone.

Pandemic!  Stories of Purpose, Passion & Power Through this Extraordinary Era

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Chapter Title: Unsinkable

“Be safe, stay healthy, and reach out if you need anything – I’m here to help you”
~Sam van Born



When the world came crashing to a halt as a result of the historic 2020 pandemic, we were faced with a choice: to let ourselves be swept up in the waves of fear and overwhelm, or to shift our perspectives and evolve. And while this era is far from over, we have already seen incredible leaps of faith, extraordinary economic creativity, inspirational acts of generosity, and so much more.


In this special edition of the WOW book series, 16 women share their real-life stories about how they are moving through the uncertainty we are all facing. Rather than waiting for a “new normal” to arrive, they took action and found ways to pivot their businesses, pursue new passions or renew forgotten ones, and move forward. These powerful stories capture the unique moment in history we find ourselves living in, and show how we can continue to thrive through the challenging times ahead of us.


Each chapter offers inspiration and strategies on how to shift and evolve in your own life, both personally and professionally. We need to lift each other up, especially in times such as these. By bringing these amazing women together to share their stories, it provides a compass for you to navigate through your own challenging chapter and into your fabulous future.

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