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#1 Bestselling Author

Sandy Gerber is an award-winning marketing and communications expert. For over twenty years, Gerber has revitalized marketing and messaging for companies of all sizes, including some of North America’s most beloved brands such as Molson Canada, Appleton Estate, BC Lottery, and more.

Her rich expertise in founding three successful companies fuels her passion to teach entrepreneurs how to market themselves effectively. As the CEO of NEXT Marketing Agency, Gerber set a new standard for innovative marketing, growing the award-winning company from her bedroom into one of BC’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies.

Sandy is the visionary of the “BRAND CHATTER” marketing methodology and education products. Her book, BRAND CHATTER: 5 Simple Steps to Brand Your Business to Stand Out, Create BRAND CHATTER and Grow Sales is a very popular resource for entrepreneurs.

She currently enjoys creating brand strategies to revitalize businesses with Marketing Action Plans (MAPs) and educating small business owners in marketing with her online marketing schools, Marketing & Communications Mastery and Elevator Pitch Mastery. Known for her innovative, fun and visual speaking style, Sandy promotes the power of emotional appeal through language and is a popular speaker for events and organizations.

Moms in Business
15 Success Stories with Soul

Moms in Business Cover_edited.jpg



Chapter Title: Defining Mom Success

“Success isn’t just what you accomplish in your life; it’s achieving what you desire and inspiring others to do the same in the process."

 — Sandy Gerber

Motherhood is messy, brilliant, overwhelming... and full of so much love it can stop your heart in its tracks. When you add in a career or business, the juggling act stretches you to new heights. Sometimes it brings you to your knees, but you keep your heart open and you keep going – because you believe in you, and your tribe has your back.

“It takes a village to make life work. These incredibly inspiring, smart and hard-working ‘mompreneurs’ have provided the most heart-warming real-life stories. This book will be a game-changer for your life and business.”
Karlene Karst — Mom of 3, Founder of Sea-licious

“Mom entrepreneurs often feel alone, juggling a dozen balls with one arm while carrying a toddler in the other. Bravo to the women in this book who share their inspiring stories so that others can learn from them.”
Elaine Tan Comeau — 2014 Mompreneur® of the Year

Our authors share the highs and lows of their journeys, and the gems of how they made it all work to survive and thrive. Their stories will make you laugh and cry, and they will inspire you to shine. You are a Woman of Worth and you are absolutely glorious. It’s time to Get WOWed!

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