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One thing is clear. The world is not going back to the way it was…..and we need to pivot in ways we never dreamed of.

I have learned more about the struggles you are going through as you adapt your business, and I want to help in every way I can.

It’s why I have invited global transformation specialist Jan Janzen back to do another training presentation on July 7th.

Some of you were at the June 16th webinar. We had over 200 women registered and the feedback was great.

“What a fantastic training. Jan, you are so excellent at teaching and training. Your compassion for women and generosity of spirit just shines through. Christine you did an excellent job of hosting and communicating what was in the chat.  It was just excellent, professional, engaging…..excellent use of the chat.”

Monique MacDonald, Founder of Discover Your Sacred Gifts

However, we realized we needed to do this webinar again with a stronger emphasis on how to make more money!


So we’ve scheduled another FREE training presentation on July 7th at 11:45 – 1:00 p.m. Pacific time.

Jan will share why women need a 6-figure income with such heartfelt compassion that you will walk away touched, empowered and committed to a whole new level in your business.

BUT she will also be giving you more information that can impact your money mindset AND your bank account.

If you find yourself saying: “I can’t afford that or I can’t have that because I don’t have the money,” then listen in as Jan will give you some powerful tips on how to change that disempowering money mindset.

You will also learn how you may be unconsciously giving your power away which will keep money from you. Jan will be showing us how we can recognize and change those thoughts.

The presentation Jan did on June 26th was powerful and women went away with some life-changing shifts in their thoughts.

Here’s what a few women said,

“When you talked about my relationship with money and talked about partnership instead of it being a tool, I had this AHA moment when I realized that I needed to rethink my relationship with money. Doing some journaling after the presentation really gave me clarity and a new perspective. Loved it!” Lynn Sumida

“This was a new perspective on money I hadn't heard.  It needs to be heard and I am so glad that you are sharing it with women.  Every woman can benefit from this knowledge.” Deborah Buxton


 Why do you want to be on this training presentation?


  • You will be inspired…..guaranteed.

  • You will walk away with some powerful tools to change your money mindset and make more money.

  • You will shift your relationship with your business, as you understand it's true value as an amazing and profitable vehicle to live the life you want with purpose.

  • You will understand that the more profitable your business is, the greater your ability to give back as you desire.


Jan will also share the biggest block by far that entrepreneurs face in their businesses. This one thing has a domino effect on your entire business, and she knows how to remove that block because she had to remove it from her own life and business. Plus she has also helped thousands of women in business around the world grow their businesses by focusing on this one critical aspect.

“I highly recommend Jan as a powerful coach who knows her stuff! My sessions with Jan have been like gold as she has helped me see what I couldn’t see for myself and she did this in a very caring and graceful way. Thank you Jan for doing what you do and sharing your gift with the world.” Wesley Reece, Life and Business Coach

“In 5 minutes of talking with Jan at a networking event, she gave me the suggestion to sell vendor tables at my upcoming conference. That one one tiny suggestion brought in an extra $1,500 for me!” Jessica Urwin Coulthard, Life Coach, Podcast Host

“I thoroughly enjoyed Jan Janzen’s class on the keys to success for a woman in business. I received specific, individualized support from Jan in the course, and as a result, I am now focused with laser-like intensity towards my mission and my vision. I am so grateful to Jan for sharing her wisdom and skills, and I know I will succeed in business as a direct result of her training!” Emily Bouchard, Life Coach


Jan has been an entrepreneur for 40 years in a wide variety of businesses ranging from buying a franchise at 19 years of age to being president of a network marketing company to having three businesses in the automotive industry.

She is a certified money and business coach, who also has a strong background in personal and spiritual development.


Jan could have lived anywhere but she chose to return to BC because, "It's simply the best place in the world."  I know you will benefit greatly from this presentation and come away inspired with practical tools to work with.

Please join us on Tuesday, July 7th from 11:45 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Pacific time.​


Normally there is a $147 tuition for this workshop, but Jan is waiving her fees and gifting this to any woman who is ready to shift.  All she asks is that you invite someone to join you, so she can share this critically important information with as many women as possible.

Note: this workshop will be recorded, so even if you can't be there live (which is always preferable) register anyways and we'll send you the recording​.


Just register with the big pink button below. See you on July 7th, it's going to be epic!


Christine Awram, Founder

Woman Of Worth WOW Worldwide

Online Training Programs and #1 Bestseller Series

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