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Facebook: @tiffanyannbottcherconsultant

Instagram: @momwhowantsitall

Tiffany-Ann Bottcher has spent nearly a decade in corporate finance and technology, learning and refining what works, what doesn’t, what’s needed most, and why. A full-time business coach, blogger, MBA student, wife, and mother of three, Tiffany-Ann believes that technology and people working together can accomplish nearly anything and create a values-based, people-first culture.


Career stops include financial controller focusing on key data metrics and building processes; director of operations guiding revenue growth and team performance; VP of corporate development, leading acquisitions, mergers, and systems development; and VP of finance and technology, unleashing growth in systems, integration, automation, and optimization.


Beyond such admirable business experience, Tiffany-Ann is most proud of her three amazing kids, Sophie, Parker, and Kane, and the life of adventure she shares with her husband Jarred. Their journey is ongoingly chronicled in her hugely popular blog “The Mom Who Wants it All.”


To inquire about coaching, consulting, or to learn of upcoming events, Tiffany-Ann can be contacted at the information below. You can also visit her website to complete your Significant Six evaluation.

Women in Business in a
Changing World




Chapter Title: Enjoy the Journey

“There will come a point in everyone’s life, however, where only intuition can make the leap ahead without ever knowing precisely how. One can never know why but one must accept intuition as fact.”

— Albert Einstein


Our world is constantly in flux, and one of the biggest secrets for success is learning how to welcome change rather than resist it.

The authors of this book understand the challenges we all face when change comes knocking on the door, with its insistence on interrupting the status quo, but they’ve also experienced the powerful creativity and growth that comes from leaning into it. Their courageous stories demonstrate so many ways to overcome obstacles and opposition, and by seeing them succeed despite incredible odds you will be inspired to become unstoppable in your own right.

“The way the world is changing it’s not just about ‘what can I do’ – it’s about what ‘we’ can do together to be bigger, better, stronger. The women of today are ready to share their voices in new and inventive ways. I invite you to share your voice the way the authors are sharing theirs in this extraordinary book.”

Shelly Lynn Hughes – Publisher, Fresh Magazine

With an accelerated timetable of transformation now before us, it has never been more imperative to embrace your opportunities to evolve, succeed and thrive. It’s a new day, and change has never felt so good!

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