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New Dates Coming Soon!

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Women Empowering Women


Imagine an evening where you connect with like-minded women,

committed to empowerment and authenticity in life and business.

Women who have your back, because they support collaboration.

You'll enjoy a delicious buffet dinner (included) and be mega

inspired by powerful TED-style speakers, followed by a meaningful

Mastermind conversation to plan your next purposeful action step.  





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Watch for upcoming dates

and speakers ...

Our last event

Featured the incomparable World Champion

Leah Goldstein - No Limits!

What to Expect from WOWtalk:

  • Keynote by our very special guest World Champion Leah Goldstein, who will share her extraordinary story "No Limits" which will completely blow your mind

  • Spotlight Speaker Catherine O'Kane, co-founder of Clearmind International, on how to start Mastering Your Mindset

  • MC'd by WOW Founder Christine Awram

  • Networking with empowered women who support your success

  • A delicious dinner buffet (included) with no-host bar available

  • Professionally facilitated Mastermind Session for discussion and action steps

  • Door prizes and 50/50 Draw (proceeds to charity) 

  • And chocolate - there is always chocolate

  • Prepare to be WOWed


You belong here!

Meet WOWtalk's Women of Worth


The Understanding of What a Life Without Limits Really Looks Like


Meaningful Relationships (personal and professional)


Deeper Connections


Greater Focus


Wild Success

Master Your Mindset for Success and
Prepare to be swept into the mind of a champion!


Leah Goldstein

World Champion and

Keynote Speaker

Leah Goldstein

What happens when a young girl doesn’t believe in limitations? What is possible when her dreams resonate at such a frequency, that they force themselves into reality? Practically anything, as proven by Leah Goldstein’s stunning example of an unbounded life.

By age 17, Leah Goldstein was the World Kickboxing Champion. Shortly thereafter, she enlisted in the Israeli Military and became one of the few female instructors of the elite Commando division, specializing in Krav Maga. Leah then transitioned into a Special Forces unit, combating terrorism and violent crime. The extreme lifestyle of the secret police eventually took its toll, and she found her salvation on a bicycle.

She convinced Israel to release her, as she pursued a brilliant 10-year career as a professional cyclist in Europe and North America – and eventually to the longest single stage race in the world, which is 3,000 miles on a bike with Race Across America.


From crashes to podiums, and fear to triumph – Leah’s story gives us a glimpse of what’s truly possible. She will leave you awestruck as she shares her extraordinary story, and will set your soul on fire to live your best authentic life with No Limits.

Catherine O portrait cropped.jpg

Catherine O'Kane, M.A.

Catherine O'Kane

Catherine O’Kane MA, RCC, RCS is a counsellor, facilitator, bestselling author and gifted public speaker with decades of experience. She and her husband Duane O’Kane are co-authors and own Clearmind International Institute Inc., which offers therapeutic personal development workshops to the public as well as a counsellor training program that runs both locally and online. Together, they have helped thousands of people worldwide correct the self-limiting beliefs that are at the root of our dilemmas.


Catherine is fascinated with the border between psychology and spirituality.  A near-death experience dramatically impacted her view of her own existence and fundamentally influenced her perspective on love, the human psyche, and relationships. The transformational loving force she powerfully experienced remains the foundation for all her work.


She was awarded the highly esteemed “Leader of the Year Award” by Woman Of Worth WOW Worldwide for her outstanding contribution as a role model for women in leadership. She practices what she preaches in all her relationships (including her marriage) and shares her struggles and wisdom with vulnerability, passion, and humour.

Counsellor, Best-selling Author and Spotlight Speaker

Christine Awram.jpg

Christine Awram

Christine Awram

Christine Awram is the Founder of Woman Of Worth WOW Worldwide.  She's a wildly authentic leader and dynamic speaker who became a #1 bestselling author five times in the past two years (with all royalties donated to charity).


Christine is a visionary and philanthropist, who radiates vitality with her indomitable spirit and humour. From teenage runaway to global leader, her commitment to the empowerment of women led to her being honoured with the Outstanding Leadership Award by the Global Women’s Summit. ​


She transforms challenges into passion and purpose, and has personally impacted tens of thousands of women through her events, programs and bestselling collaborative books.  Christine also believes chocolate is a vegetable as it comes from a bean, and invites all women to challenge any beliefs that limit an empowered and passionately alive life.

Founder and MC 

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