Sit down, chillax, maybe pour a glass of wine.

Let’s get raw and real, while we talk about how absolutely ahh-mazing you are.


At WOW, we are the Empowerment Trailblazers! 

We saw a burning need 15 years ago to blend personal and professional issues together, because you’re the same YOU wherever you go. Bedroom, Boardroom, Ballroom. We’ve invited you to show up, speak up, stand up… and oh baby, did you ever.


You found out something really important at WOW. 

You are not alone. At WOW, great women empower other women to be great. Behind every fabulous woman, is a tribe of other fabulous women who have her back.


We know you’re human, so you’ve questioned your value and worth. 

We all hear that sneaky little voice that slides in and whispers, “You’re not good enough. Your ass is too big. You’ll always be broke. Loser.” When you’re busy celebrating how magnificent you are, there’s not much room for that crap.


WOW lets you hang out with kickass women who Connect, Collaborate and Celebrate. 

With WOW you can attend extraordinary events, celebrate at spa resorts, grow your business, become a #1 bestselling author, learn how to become a kickass speaker, meaningfully recognize other women by nominating them for one of our awards, get involved with our philanthropic projects, read our collaborative books with real-life stories that punch you in the gut, impact and inspire… or just hang with us and eat chocolate.


"Life isn’t done to you. It’s UP to you."


Every woman is a Woman Of Worth. Every. Woman. 


It’s time to celebrate your fabulousness and Get WOWED. 


You’ve got this!




I've been reflecting on what has made WOW so freaking amazing for 15 years now, and keep coming back to our core.


Women Empowering Women. Connect & Collaborate. Educate & Empower. Philanthropy. Value. Worth. Authenticity. Celebrating our fabulousness. Having fun, drinking wine, eating chocolate. LOL.

Even after all these years, I still don't really have words to explain WOW. It's beyond words. The learning both personally and professionally is profound. The connections are powerful. The fun factor and laughter run through our events like an electric current. It's an experience like no other. Maybe because I've always held the space for extra-ordinary, so it just is.


Get WOWed — Because every woman is a Woman Of Worth

Christine Awram​, Founder


“WOW clearly demonstrates how collaboration is the most powerful place for women to lead from.”


— Lorna Vanderhaeghe, Founder

Vanderhaeghe Health Solutions


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