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The 2023 Tammy Moyer


Afternoon Gala Event: Sunday, February 26th, 2023, 1-5 pm

It's the empowerment event of the year, REGISTER NOW!

Grand Villa Ballroom at the Delta Hotels Burnaby Conference Centre

Awards, Celebration, Keynotes, Panel, Entertainment, Prizes and More

With gratitude for all women who are making a difference

"It's always worthwhile to make others aware of their worth."

Malcolm Forbes

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Advance Savings Until February 19th.

Nominating a woman you know for an award is such a powerful way to appreciate and acknowledge her. It lets her know that she has been seen, and she matters. It's something she will remember and be impacted by forever.

The Woman Of Worth Awards were renamed the Tammy Moyer Woman Of Worth Awards to honour the memory of an extraordinary human. Tammy was a dear friend and the morning anchor on News1130. She was a passionate supporter of women's causes and especially WOW.

Her sudden loss to pancreatic cancer was a tragic blow to everyone, especially her (then) 7-year-old son as she was a single mom. The Awards now allow Tammy's name to live on in a way that was meaningful to her, keeping her memory and radiance alive.

NOMINATE Your Woman of Worth!

Nominations CLOSED January 31

Event Info

Your WOW MC: 
Coleen Christie, Global TV

Coleen Christie is an award-winning television news anchor with more than 25 years behind the anchor desk. She hosts Global News at Noon, and regularly fills in on Global News at 5, the News Hour at 6 and Global National. Before joining Global BC in 2017, Coleen anchored for CTV Vancouver and the CTV network. 
She has reported on numerous major, live, breaking news events, and was also a prominent member of the Olympic broadcast team in Vancouver.


In a historic first, Coleen was a key part of the broadcast team awarded the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award for overall excellence, judged the best newscast in the world.


Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia and raised in Victoria, BC, Coleen has a BA in English, History and Art history from the University of Victoria. She is involved with numerous community and charitable organizations, loves animals of all kinds, cooking and baking, and under the right conditions — singing karaoke.


Our Special Guest speaker this year is the incomparable Lorna Vanderhaeghe


She will share some highlights of her success story, as she went from struggling single mom to selling her business for 8-figures!


Lorna has been a leader in the business and nutrition industry for over 35 years. Voted one of Canada’s Top 100 Female Entrepreneurs several years in a row, she loves building businesses and helping other entrepreneurs achieve success. She was the founder, CEO, and creator of Lorna Vanderhaeghe Health Solutions, which was acquired by the largest supplement company in Canada for an 8-figure pricetag.


Lorna has written 13 books, several of which became national and international bestsellers, including A Smart Woman's Guide to Hormones. Her mission is to help as many people as possible to find optimal health as well as empowered business success.

Pain to Purpose:

A meaningful conversation on cancer survival and loss … with a message of hope


We live in a world where everyone has a cancer story.  You’ve either been diagnosed and are in treatment, remission or cured … or you know someone.  More tragically, you have lost a loved one (or more than one).  This panel will cover both ends of the spectrum, with gritty authenticity and heart.  Even in the darkest challenges, there are opportunities to evolve from pain into purpose.  You will be inspired by these courageous women, who are sharing from their souls so you can know there is hope and light on this journey.

Candace Newton Chaput

Candace is the founder of Unlocking Secrets for Women. She is a celebrity interview television producer, talk show host, and healthcare educator.

Her granddaugh
ter was diagnosed with Leukemia at just 20 months old, who fought hard for her survival and is now a thriving teen. Candace’s mission is to unlock the secrets that will give hope and inspiration to all women.

Dr. Sandra Dunn

Founder of Phoenix Molecular Designs, Dr. Dunn is one of the most highly esteemed cancer researchers in BC. Her lab has identified new ways to treat one of the most aggressive types of cancer, TNBC Triple Negative Breast Cancer.  She has won awards, raised millions of dollars, obtained patents, served on several boards, and was featured in the coveted Forbes 50 over 50. Personal experiences with the disease in her family motivated her to commit her life to empower and improve the lives of thousands of women battling breast cancer globally.

Katherine McEachnie

Katherine and her husband Bill have helped raise millions of dollars for organizations involved in diabetes and cancer research, children with disabilities, women’s resource centres, and more.  She owns Winston Estate Vineyard on the Naramata Bench, and is a French Wine Scholar and Master in Champagne. Diagnosed at age 26 with Stage IV cancer and given a prognosis of three months to live, she recently celebrated her 60th birthday with the trademark positivity and determination she is famous for.


Eileen Moyer

In 2016 Eileen received the news that no mother ever wants to hear … her daughter Tammy was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Tammy was the single mom of a 7-year-old son, and this devastating disease ended her life in less than two months.  Eileen’s journey over the past 7 years has been to rebuild their family structure together with her son and daughter-in-law, and provide love and support for her grandson who is now 14. Despite an inconceivable loss, Eileen remains a source of inspiration and joy to everyone she meets and agreed to be part of this panel conversation to touch as many hearts as possible.


Special Guest Appearance by CHER!

Tribute Artist Bonnie Kilroe


This award-winning entertainer has been singing and strutting her stuff for over 15 years, locally and internationally. Producer of her own one-woman show, Cher is just one of the many personas this mega-talented diva delights her audiences with. Her combination of entertainment and comedy are a feast for the senses. Get ready to Believe!


Videography provided by:


Adera Angelucci

Step Into Your Light and Share Your Soul Story


Award-winning host, director, producer, author … Adera Angelucci helps you define what you were born to bring into the world, and her infectious energy will ignite your inner light. Her passion is to deepen your connection to your worth, so you can illuminate your purpose with clarity to yourself and others. 


As the Co-Founder of SPIRO Creative, she will demonstrate how you can tap into your Soul Story and share it with others in a way that is authentic to who you are. Learn how to keep coming back to your WHY, and create both personal and professional stories from that meaningful place.


Adera invites everyone to share their Soul Story on film, creating a legacy that matters. She inspires you to be the most authentic version of yourself, with the confidence to move humanity forward.


If we’re truly fortunate, Adera might share her Dance Party with us. Your inner booty may never be the same as you Be, Own and Share Your Light!


DeeAnn Lensen

Living and Leaving a Legacy


How do you want to be remembered?  You’ve learned, you’ve worked, you’ve grown … today, you are already living a legacy.  But, the power of that legacy can be further sculpted.  DeeAnn Lensen will take you through The Legacy Clarity Process, which will allow you to further refine your tomorrows and the legacy you choose to leave behind.  DeeAnn is a bestselling author, Certified Life Coach, spa consultant and keynote speaker.  Her passion is to provide self-care tools for women to live their best and brightest lives.


Our beautifully designed crystal awards are provided by Eclipse

All award recipients are selected by our confidential panel, and finalists will be announced early February. Identity of the 9 award recipients are kept confidential February 26th.



Each Woman Of Worth Award candidate leads an empowered successful life by:

1. Valuing and respecting herself, as well as others.

2. Leading through empowerment and inspiration.

3. Experiencing challenges, and learning from them with fortitude and grace.

4. Standing as a role model with authenticity and courage.

5. Bringing the spirit of collaboration and celebration into the world.

Each individual award has additional criteria/eligibility that is listed here.

Award Nominations








Nomination Form

Nominate the powerful women you know

who deserve to be publicly recognized.

Join us for an amazing EVENT to Connect Collaborate Celebrate and EMPOWER

(you can nominate several women,

but only one per category)


Nominations CLOSED January 31


My worthiness is inherent, infinite and persevering —

it is my natural state

My value is a reflection of who I AM —

and I am magnificent

And... who I am always makes a difference —

because I MATTER

I am successful —

because I come from my true power which lies within

I am empowered — 

choosing from the clarity of my heart, mind and spirit

I am an empowered leader —

as I impact others from quiet acts of kindness to leading a nation

I am abundant —

as I manifest success from the core of my values and vision

I cherish my relationships — 

they are part of what makes me strong

I am a Human BEing — 

as my BEing is of far more significance than my DOing

I play, laugh, and bring beauty and light into the world —


At times I despair and I weep, when I feel the pain of a world that has momentarily gone mad

Yet even when I tremble through a dark night of the soul,
I renew my faith and my courage in a single heartbeat — because my spirit is indomitable

I FEEL and I CARE and I am passionately ALIVE — 

with a heart as open as the universe.


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